FSD1086 EVA Survey on Finnish Values and Attitudes 1998

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  • Centre for Finnish Business and Policy Studies (EVA)
  • Yhdyskuntatutkimus


economic and social development, information society, internal migration, market economy, mass media, national identity, political parties, political power, technology and innovation, values

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The survey studied Finnish attitudes and values. The respondents were asked to what extent they agreed with a number of statements relating to the Finnish model of market economy and democracy, political parties, Finland's EMU membership, immigration, civic organisations, internal migration, crime, etc. Views on how much influence certain bodies (e.g. the EU, government, the church, trade unions, universities) have were charted. The respondents were asked whether certain things have changed in Finland over the past ten years, and whether the change has been positive or negative. Views on migration to cities and its causes were surveyed. The survey also carried a number of statements relating to the Finnish media. Views on the ingredients of a "better life" were studied. One topic pertained to technology and computerisation issues.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, age group, size of municipality of residence, type of neighbourhood, basic and vocational education, industry of employment, province of residence, economic activity, trade union membership, self-perceived social class, and the party R would vote for if the parliamentary elections were held at that time.

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