FSD1123 Youth Study 1993

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  • Research Centre of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church


European Community, European Union, employment, environmental degradation, industries, occupational life, trust, youth

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The survey studied Finnish young people's awareness and attitudes towards industrial enterprises and the European Community. The respondents were asked why they wished to work, and from which sources they could find information on professions and jobs. Opinions on the attractiveness and future prospects of different industries of employment were charted. The respondents were asked to what extent they agreed with statements relating to industrial work, causes of environmental degradation, and environmental problems. The respondents were asked to name the member countries of the EC, and to describe their notions of the EC and the negotiations between Finland and the Community. Views on whether Finland should join the EC, and what kind of consequences the membership would have were studied. The respondents' trust in institutions (e.g. church, the parliament, environmentalists, politicians, the EC, civil servants) and willingness to work and live abroad were probed.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, age group, basic and vocational education, occupational status, industry of employment, marital status, household income, type of municipality of residence, and party identification.

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