FSD1137 Finnish Local Government Barometer 1995: Municipal Managers, Chairmen of Municipal Executive Boards

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consolidation of municipalities, local finance, local government, local taxation, municipal government, municipal managers, municipalities, privatization, public sector, public services, social economy, subsidies

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The survey studied the opinions of municipal leaders (municipal managers and chairpersons of municipal executive boards) on how to improve municipal finances. The respondents evaluated how acceptable and effective certain measures would be: e.g. borrowing, increasing taxes, cutting or privatizing services, introducing service fees, delaying investments, accountability in municipal institutions, reducing salaries, laying off/reducing staff, and reducing governmental control.

The respondents were asked to what extent they agreed with a number of statements relating to municipal finances, services and taxation, the number and size of municipalities, efficiency of municipal staff, relations between the government and municipalities, etc. Opinions on which municipal services could be cut were charted. One question asked about changes in the services over the past two years. The respondents were also asked which of the services currently provided by municipalities could be left to other bodies (governmental or non-governmental organisations, private enterprises, or citizens themselves).

Some questions covered to what extent various operators influence municipal decision-making (e.g. municipal managers, banks, enterprises, parties, trade unions, the church) and whether certain operators have too much or too little influence. The respondents also rated the usefulness of some national and regional bodies in the development of their municipalities. Opinions on governmental control and regional administration were charted. Finally, the respondents evaluated media reporting on municipal issues.

Background variables include the respondent's sex, status in municipal administration, municipality size, and province.

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