FSD1180 Family Barometer 1999: Implementation of Parenting

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  • Reuna, Veera (Finnish Family Federation. Population Research Institute)


child day care, day nurseries, families, parental role, parents, preschool children, responsibility

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The survey focuses on parenting and upbringing in Finland, and on the roles of parents and staff working in child day care centres. Views of the parents and the day nursery staff towards parenting were studied. The respondents were asked to what extent they agreed with statements relating to children and child-rearing, and whether the responsibility of teaching certain things to children should lie with the parents, or the day nursery staff. The parents were asked how much support in child-rearing they have received from the child care staff, and the employees were asked whether they think they give sufficient support to parents. Possible conflicts between parents and the staff were also probed.

The respondents were asked what things day nurseries should teach, and whether society should increase the financial and educational support it gives to families. They then commented on various statements related to families with children, day care, and work. The parents were asked to describe their relationship with the grandparents, whether they are able to arrange childcare when the children are ill, why their children are in day care centres, and when the day care started. The staff were asked how much support they give to parents, and whether they themselves get enough support at the workplace.

Background variables included the respondent's sex, year of birth, education, economic activity, mother tongue, province of residence, and type of the municipality of residence. The parents were asked to state their marital status, spouse's economic activity, number of children living in the household, and the age and sex of their pre-school children. The day nursery employees were asked to name their duties at work, how many years they have worked in the field, number of their own children, and number of pre-school children.

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