FSD1201 City Service Survey 1985

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  • Outinen, Seppo (The Association of Finnish Cities)
  • Varhe, Seppo (The Association of Finnish Cities)


crime and security, health services, local government services, neighbourhoods, personal safety, privatization, public services, social services

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City service survey 1985 charted citizen's views on the current state and development needs of city services and administration. Respondents answered questions about their dwelling area and housing, childcare arrangements, child health clinics, primary schools, secondary schools, health services, care of the elderly, cultural activities, leisure and recreation opportunities, city administration, means of communication used to inform citizens about the services offered and possibilities to exercise influence on decision-making.

Some topics examined municipality finances. Respondents were asked, for example, which public services could be privatized or discontinued. They were also asked about their everyday life, moving intentions and priority areas for city development. Background variables included date of birth, sex, marital status, number of children, occupational status, means of transportation to work and distance between home and work.

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