FSD1221 Attitudes towards Internationalization in Oulu 1996

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  • Luoma, Pentti (University of Oulu. Department of Information Studies and Sociology)


European Union, attitudes, culture, foreigners, immigration, international cooperation, international trade, international travel, internationalism, language, social interaction

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The survey studied what the inhabitants of Oulu thought about internationalisation. The respondents were asked how often, in which countries and to what purpose they had travelled abroad during the past five years. The respondents' experiences of living abroad, contacts with foreigners and knowledge of Oulu's twin city activities were queried. Opinions on the direction in which Oulu should develop its international co-operation were charted. Questions covered whether there should be more foreigners living in Oulu and the respondents' attitudes to different immigrant groups. The respondents were asked whether they could imagine foreigners in the role of a friend, nanny, husband/wife, supervisor at their workplace, doctor, etc. There were also some attitudinal statements pertaining to foreigners' rights to preserve their own language and culture and to receive the same social benefits as Finns do.

Attitudes towards the European Union were charted. Opinions on the preferred countries for foreign trade partners were probed. The respondents were asked whether they had voted in the previous European Parliament elections. Views on various aspects of the internationalisation of Oulu were charted.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, age, marital status, number of children, socio-economic status, basic and vocational education, economic activity, employment sector, level of income, religiousness, and language skills.

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