FSD1225 Finnish Youth Survey 2001

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  • Advisory Council for Youth Affairs (Nuora)


attitudes, consumption, education, expenditure, future expectations, housing, political participation, regionalism, satisfaction, youth, youth employment

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The survey charted the employment situation of young people and probed their views on education and work, foreigners and racism, animal rights activists, conscientious objectors and possibilities to influence decision-making. Respondents were asked whether they own or rent their accommodation and which factors influenced their choice of place of residence (e.g. employment opportunities, services available, safety, close to relatives). Next questions dealt with respondents' income and how they spend it. Respondents were asked whether they would be willing to contract a loan for e.g. housing, studies, car or stimulants. Some questions examined what influenced respondents' choice when purchasing durable goods (e.g. domestic origins of the goods, quality, price, guarantee). Respondents were asked whether they ever intentionally leave bills unpaid, have recorded payment defaults or receive financial support from their parents.

Young people's expectations for the future were studied by asking respondents to rate the importance of achieving certain things by the age of 35 (e.g. family and children, permanent job, ownership of dwelling, high standard of living, good friends, participation in politics). Satisfaction with their economical situation and life in general was surveyed. Finally, political views and interest in politics were charted by asking if the parliamentary elections were held at that moment, would they vote and why, and which party would they vote for.

Background variables included respondents' sex, age, employment situation, respondents' and their parents' education level, major region of residence, and municipality type.

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