FSD2030 Finnish Attitudes to the Ordination of Women 2000

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Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, attitudes, church, gender, ministers of religion, ordination of women, pastoral work, priests (clergy), religious ceremonies, women priests

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The survey studied Finnish attitudes towards women's ordination and women priests. Women have been ordained to the priesthood in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland since 1988, and respondents were asked whether they oppose or support women priests. Those in favour were asked what they feel about persons who oppose. Those who oppose were asked whether they are prepared to attend church services if the priest is a woman.

All respondents were asked whether they would prefer a man or a woman for certain church appointments and ceremonies (e.g. christenings, weddings, funerals, or as vicars and bishops), or is gender of no importance to them. The survey carried a set of statements relating to how male priests who oppose the priesthood of women should act when at work, and whether those who oppose can be ordained to the priesthood or appointed as bishops.

Background variables included respondent's membership in evangelical lutheran church or other religious community, and frequency of attending church services (excluding weddings, christenings and funerals).

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