FSD2148 Finnish Local Government 2004: Cultural Services 1996

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  • Mäkelä, Pertti (University of Vaasa. Faculty of Social Sciences)


cultural economics, cultural events, cultural facilities, cultural life, cultural organizations, cultural planning and administration, cultural resources, local government, local government services, subcontracting

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The survey focused on the service provision, administration and development of cultural services in Finnish municipalities. The respondents were heads of cultural services, or other management level employees responsible for cultural services. Similar surveys were carried out in 1999 and 2002.

Questions covered the services, resources, facilities and staff of cultural services. A number of questions investigated what kind of services and facilities there were (e.g. museums, theatres, orchestras, dance groups, movie clubs), who provided these services, and whether the municipality allocated funds for them. The respondents estimated the number of cultural events in the municipality, number of people attending, and number of associations, groups and other organisations operating within certain sectors (e.g. music, theatre, fine arts, literature). The respondents were also asked about contracted-out services and competitive tendering. Other themes covered charges and user fees, decision-making in the cultural administration, the impact of different bodies on the department of cultural services, and the use of performance measures. Development of the sector since 1992, the present state, and development policies for the future were charted.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, mother tongue, year of birth, job title, responsibility areas at work, work experience in the field, education, and elective offices.

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