FSD2215 Women and Sex 2006

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infidelity, satisfaction, sexual behaviour, sexual difficulties, sexual intimacy, sexual orientation

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The survey studied the sexual behaviour and attitudes of Finnish women. The respondents were asked how satisfied they were with their sexual life, and what would make their sex life better. Views were probed on what was important in good sex. The respondents also rated Finnish men as lovers. Further questions covered the frequency of sexual encounters, number of partners, orgasm, and favourite positions. Opinions on an ideal lover were charted. Some questions focused on men's erection, erection problems and their medication. Infidelity, lack of desire, and sexual orientation were also studied.

Background variables included the respondent's age group, marital status, occupational status, economic activity, education, number and age(s) of children, age when lost virginity, number of sexual encounters during the past year, number of inhabitants in the municipality of residence, and region of residence (NUTS3).

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