FSD2233 Sport Survey 2005-2006: Adult Population

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  • City of Helsinki
  • Young Finland Association
  • Finnish Sport for All Association
  • Finnish Sports Federation (FSF)
  • Finnish Olympic Committee
  • Ministry of Education
  • Pehkonen, Juhani (TNS Gallup Finland)


adults, athletics, attitudes, ball games, exercise (physical activity), hobbies, physical activities, racket games, sport, sport spectatorship, sporting events, sports clubs, sports facilities, sports organisations, sports training, voluntary work

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The survey investigated the sporting activities of Finnish adults. The respondents' willingness to participate in different types of sport and their interest in sports organisations were charted. Mainly the same set of questions was asked in the 2001-2002 corresponding sport survey (FSD1284).

Firstly, the respondents were asked about all the different sporting and physical activities they participated in, how many times a week they exercised for at least half an hour, and how vigorous the activity was. The respondents characterised their physical and sporting activities on a scale which took into account the regularity, intensity and purpose of the activity (e.g. competing athlete, exercising to remain healthy or to keep fit). Those who did sports were asked which sports facilities they mostly used.

Participation in particular sports was then examined. The respondents were asked questions about the sports they had told they participated in: frequency and duration of that particular activity and whether it was organised by a sporting club, employer, etc. Participation in competitions or tournaments of that particular sport was studied.

Next, the respondents were asked which sport, physical activity, or form of exercise they would like to participate in, and the reasons for not participating at present. Involvement in voluntary sports work or sports organisations was surveyed, likewise the nature of the work, and the amount of time spent in this type of voluntary work. The respondents were asked whether they had attended any sport events as spectators during the past 12 months and in which sports. Views were probed on the importance of Finnish athletes succeeding in international competitions. One question focused on the annual expenditure on sporting activities, paid by respondents themselves.

Background variables included the respondents' gender, age, province and region (NUTS3) of residence, basic and vocational education, occupational group, main activity, and annual gross income of the household. The respondents were also asked which political party they would vote for if the parliamentary elections were held at that time, and to how many sports organisations they belonged.

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