FSD2237 Finnish Local Government Barometer 2006: Municipal Managers

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administrative areas, local finance, local government, local government organizations, local government policy, local government services, mayors, municipalities, objectives, political parties, privatization, social systems

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The survey charted the attitudes of municipal managers both at the municipal and societal level. The respondents gave their opinions on different political parties in relation to the forthcoming Finnish parliamentary elections. The traditional questions on service provision were also included in the survey.

First, the respondents were queried how adequate or inadequate different services in their municipalities were in terms of demand. They were also asked to name three most important problems in their municipalities and in society. Opinions on acceptable objectives and means of achieving them in relation to services, economics, and administration were charted with the help of statements. The respondents were also asked to assess various aspects of political parties. Finally, the respondents' satisfaction with their work was explored, for example by asking them how certainly they would choose the work of municipal manager, if they were able to choose their profession again.

Background variables included the region in which the municipality was located, number of inhabitants, R's gender and political party identification.

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