FSD2253 Youth Gambling Survey 2006: Age Limit Enforcement

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  • Ministry of Social Affairs and Health


adolescents, friends, gambling, gaming machines, legal age, lotteries, supervision, youth

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The study charted how well the gambling age limit (15 years) was controlled in various Finnish establishments that offer gambling activities. The term gambling is used here as an umbrella term for lotteries, slot machines, and betting pools. The respondents were observers, who were instructed to monitor young gamblers at a certain establishment, after which they responded to a set of questions.

Some questions pertained to whether gamblers who had been or seemed to be under 15 years old had been asked about their age and whether they had not been allowed to gamble. If these people had not been allowed to gamble, the respondents were asked who had intervened first, and who had forbidden them from gambling.

Further questions covered the different gambling games the observed young gamblers had played. Finally, the respondents were asked whether the gambling area was within the sight of the establishment staff.

Background variables included the respondent's age, gender, time and date of observing, duration of interview, and region (NUTS3) and province of gambling location.

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