FSD2262 Climate Change 2006

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  • Ekholm, Peter (Think Tank e2)
  • Jutila, Karina (Think Tank e2)
  • Kiljunen, Pentti (Yhdyskuntatutkimus)


air pollution, climate, climate change, decision making, developed countries, developing countries, environmental changes, environmental degradation, environmental quality, fumes, global warming, greenhouse effect

Sisällön kuvaus

The survey charted Finnish views on climate change. The respondents were asked what they thought climate change means, and whether it is real or not. Those who considered it real were asked whether they believed the problem to be man-made and serious, and whether they thought the rate of climate change to be increasing. The respondents were also asked to assess various statements on climate change discussed in the media.

The respondents were asked whether they were interested in climate change issues and how well they knew them. In addition, they rated the importance of various media and information sources as suppliers of information on climate change. The study also examined which of these information sources Finns found reliable, and whether there was enough information available on climate change. The respondents were also asked to rate the quality of that information.

Views on the consequences of climate change were probed by presenting the respondents with a set of attitudinal statements on global warming and its effects on a global scale and in Finland. Opinions on the biggest sources of the greenhouse gases were also investigated.

The respondents also named possible ways of combating the climate change, and gave their opinions on what kind of measures the world will be able to take to combat it in the next few years. The importance of various bodies, organisations, and individual actions in fighting the global warming was examined.

Background variables included respondent's gender, age group, basic and vocational education, occupational group, size of municipality, region (NUTS3), whether R belonged to any central organisations of Finnish trade unions, and which party R would vote for if the parliamentary elections were held at the time of the study.

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