FSD2372 Graduating Physicians' Experiences of Surgical Procedures 2006

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  • Helenius, Ilkka (Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS))
  • Niemi-Murola, Leila (University of Helsinki. Faculty of Medicine)
  • Remes, Ville (Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS))
  • Turunen, Juha Pekka (Finnish Medical Society Duodecim)


higher education institutions, medical sciences, physicians, practice, surgery, theory, undergraduates

Sisällön kuvaus

In this survey conducted in 2006, final year medical students were sent an electronic questionnaire measuring their skills in 28 basic surgical procedures. The present study was a follow-up to the 1997 survey, and its aim was to assess how the training of surgical procedure skills had developed during eight years.

For each surgical procedure, the respondents indicated whether they had the necessary theoretical knowledge of it, whether they had ever successfully performed it, whether they had performed it alone, where they had performed it for the first time, and how many times they had performed it. They were also asked questions about working. Finally, their views were charted on medical teaching and on developing it.

Background variables included the respondent's university, first year of studies, age (categorised), gender, and whether R had studied medicine abroad.

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