FSD2394 Women without Spouse and Children 2004: Interviews for Teaching and Research Purposes

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  • Mäkinen, Arja (University of Tampere. Department of Social Policy and Social Work)


discrimination, occupational life, quality of life, sexual behaviour, singlehood, singles, well-being (society), women, women's role

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The survey studied unmarried 30-47-year-old women who did not have children. The purpose of the study was to chart the status of unmarried and childless women, and to canvass their conceptions of themselves and their situation. They were asked for instance about their daily life, conceptions of a good life, attitudes and prejudice of the people around them towards childlessness, sexuality and being unmarried. The respondents were contacted through an advert in several newspapers in which they were asked to give some preliminary information. After the gathering of this information, the interviews were conducted. 34 women took part in the study, 4 of which did not give permission for future re-use of their data. This part includes the interviews that can be used both for teaching and research purposes.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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