FSD2436 Yle News Survey on the Powers of the President, January 2009

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  • Ainola, Olli (Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE))


heads of state, political power, politics

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The survey polled public opinion on the powers of the President in Finland. The questions charted topics such as leading foreign policy, acting as the Commander-in-Chief of the Finnish Defence Forces, selecting the Prime Minister, dissolving the Parliament, and deciding on the main parties in the Government. Views were also probed on the right of appointment, pardoning of prisoners, and leading EU policy. In addition, the respondents were asked to give their opinions on the rights of the President in connection to legislating, deciding on the guests invited to the Independence Day reception held in the Presidential Palace, awarding badges and decorations, and hosting state visits.

Background variables included the respondent's party preference, gender, year of birth, region of residence, education, occupational status, household composition, age of children living at home, household size and household income.

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