FSD2468 Finnish Local Government Barometer 2008: Members of Municipal Councils

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councillors, local government, local government policy, local government services, municipalities, political influence

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The survey charted the respondents' attitudes towards municipalities, municipal administration, service provision, and elections. First, the respondents were presented with a set of attitudinal statements on various Finnish municipalities, municipal self-government, consolidation of municipalities, privatising, and municipal decision-making. The respondents were also queried how adequate or inadequate different services (sports services, education, child day care, care of the elderly, etc.) in their municipalities were in terms of demand. They were also asked whether the responsibility for organising municipal services should be assumed by individual municipalities or jointly by several municipalities, and whether the private sector should provide municipal services more in the future. In addition, the respondents gave their opinions about various statements on municipal management and municipal elections. The statements probed views on topics such as advance polling stations, online voting, and the reduction of voting age.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, party preference, municipality size, and regional council of municipality of residence.

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