FSD2498 Evaluation of Finnish National Innovation System 2009: Banks

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  • Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (ETLA)


banks, financing, innovation activities, innovation policy, networks, organizations

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The survey is part of the larger INNOEVAL survey evaluating the Finnish National Innovation System from several angles. In this study, the opinions of banks on the Finnish National Innovation System were queried.

First, the respondents were asked to rate the current Finnish National Innovation System (NIS) and its ability to support growth entrepreneurship. Next, they indicated whether they experienced the entire system as simple or complex against the backdrop of facilitating private business and innovation activities. Their views were also probed on the efficiency of tax incentives regarding earnings and profit sharing in increasing the number of growth companies, and whether they experienced that other public actors provided similar services than their organisations. The effects of the global financial crisis on the projects of and the amount and quality of incoming funding applications from the companies the respondents were funding were also examined, as well as its effects on the banks' investment or funding criteria. Finally, they were asked whether governmental funding displaced or complemented their own operations.

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