FSD2801 National User Survey of Finnish Public Libraries 2008

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  • National Library of Finland. National Library Network Services


information retrieval, information/library resources, library facilities, library services, public libraries

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The survey investigated user perceptions of public libraries in Finland. Main themes included types of library use, library collections, electronic library resources and other services provided, as well as the perceived impact of the services.

First, the respondents were asked how often they visited the library they were evaluating, what they usually did when visiting the library and which electronic resources they used. Views were probed on the library as a service environment (e.g. location, opening hours, premises, computers provided). Library collections, electronic library services and customer services were evaluated. The respondents were asked how well the library had succeeded as a whole in providing services and in what way the library's services had benefited them.

Background variables included the region and municipality in which the library evaluated was located, the respondent's gender, age group, highest education and economic activity.

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