FSD2986 Constraints of Volunteering 2014

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  • Ministry of Justice
  • Citizen Forum
  • Prerequisites of Volunteering Working Group of the Advisory Committee for Civil Society Policy (KANE)


citizen participation, community behaviour, development, labour force, legislation, private voluntary organizations, voluntary organizations, voluntary work

Sisällön kuvaus

The data were collected as part of the investigation into the constraints, needs and prerequisites of volunteering conducted by the Advisory Committee for Civil Society Policy (KANE). The survey charted the views of non-profit organisations on the obstacles to and opportunities for volunteering activities as well as perceptions of how voluntary work could be developed. The respondents included both hired staff and volunteers in voluntary organisations.

The respondents were asked whether their organisation had faced obstacles relating to taxation, legislation, administration or practical issues. Views on how volunteering should be developed and improved were surveyed by asking the respondents the extent to which they agreed with a number of statements (e.g. "A clear definition is needed for how voluntary work differs from paid work", "The status of a volunteer should be safeguarded by legislation on volunteering", "Voluntary activities should be developed at schools and in education") and what they thought were the most important development needs in volunteering.

Background variables included the type and sector of organisation, major region, number of hired staff, number of volunteers per year, and the respondent's role in the organisation.

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