FSD3015 Perceptions of Housing and Neighbourhood Safety in Kuopio 2004 - 2005

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  • Susineva, Juhani (University of Eastern Finland. Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies)


accidents, crime and security, housing, neighbourhoods, personal safety, residential buildings, social networks

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The survey studied perceptions of safety and security in the town of Kuopio, Finland. Questions charted the ownership of the accommodation, years of residence, and square meters. Other topics included the measures taken by the household, the limited liability housing company and the building manager to minimise risks and promote the safety of the housing.

One theme pertained to social networks of the respondent and the household, investigating feelings of belonging, participation in politics or voluntary organisations, and the number of acquaintances the respondent had in the housing company.

The survey also covered crime or accidents experienced by the household or the housing company. Perceptions of safety and security were charted with questions on how concerned the respondents were about the possibility to be subjected to crime or accidents, to what extent certain factors caused feelings of insecurity, and what measures the respondents took when not feeling safe.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, marital status, age, basic and vocational education, and household size and income.

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