FSD3031 Student Feedback Survey for Bachelor Graduates 2014

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academic achievement, education, educational certificates, educational finance, higher education institutions, satisfaction, students (college), teaching, tutoring, undergraduates, university courses

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The Student Feedback Survey, collected every academic year, charts student experiences of studying in a university. The national survey is sent to all students who have completed their Bachelor's degree or studied for three years in a field where Bachelor's degrees are not awarded. Themes of the survey include, among others, progress with studies, financing of studies, well-being, and balance between studies and other aspects of life.

With regard to financing of studies, the respondents were asked about paid work done during studies and their means of financing studies (e.g. student grant, student loan, wages) as well as their financial circumstances at the time of the survey. Extra-curricular activities and participation in the activities of a student association were surveyed.

Experiences of studies were examined with statements relating to the quality of education and teaching and support received in studies. Satisfaction with studies, life in general, family life, and friends was charted as well as own performance in studies. The respondents were presented several statements about, for instance, the guidance provided by their university, group work, course requirements, study progress, ability to study, professional goals, health and well-being, social life, and personality traits. The universities were also able to add university-specific questions to the survey, which charted primarily the same themes as the main survey and additional background information.

Background variables included the respondent's university, field of study, age, and gender. Some of the background variables are specific to individual universities (e.g. the respondent's degree programme, major subject or faculty).

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