FSD3085 Finnish Youth Survey 2015

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  • Advisory Council for Youth Affairs (Nuora)
  • Finnish Youth Research Society. Finnish Youth Research Network


debts, drinking behaviour, drug abuse, everyday life, food and nutrition, friends, future, gambling, hobbies, leisure time activities, satisfaction, sleep, social interaction

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The theme of the Finnish Youth Survey 2015 was time management and time use. Questions charted hobbies, management of everyday life, sleep patterns, future, money and sources of income.

First, the respondents were asked questions about hobbies and exercise as well as presented statements about satisfaction with themselves and their life. Management with everyday life (e.g. cooking, cleaning, buying groceries) was charted as well as bedtimes and wake times on weekdays and weekends. Perceptions of own future in the following ten years was surveyed.

Relating to financial circumstances, the respondents were asked how easy it was for their household to cover expenses, whether lack of money had affected their leisure time, what their primary source of income was, and whether they had had to leave bills unpaid because of financial problems. Further questions investigated the respondents' possible non-payment records ('maksuhäiriömerkintä', incurred through failure to pay bills/debts), consumer loans, social security benefits and loans from parents as well as readiness to take loans and borrow money from friends and parents.

Relating to social life, the respondents were asked how often they saw, phoned, and contacted their friends on the Internet, whether they felt lonely, and with whom they spent their leisure time. Identification with different groups was surveyed along with experiences of childhood home and atmosphere in home at the time of the survey. Some questions charted alcohol and drug use, smoking, gambling, and eating habits. Finally, satisfaction with financial circumstances, leisure time, social relationships, health, physical condition, appearance, and life on the whole were surveyed.

Background variables included, among others, the respondent's gender, age, mother tongue, household composition, economic activity, education level, and average grade of the latest report card as well as type of municipality of residence, years lived in the municipality of residence, financial situation of the household, and parents' education levels.

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