FSD3113 University of Tampere Survey for Fifth-year Students 2015

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employment, higher education institutions, students (college), undergraduates

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The survey, conducted by the University of Tampere for its fifth-year students in 2015, examines progress and planning of studies, as well as the electronic services in the University of Tampere.

Studies were first charted by asking the respondents to what extent they agreed with a number of statements relating to studies, study progress, and the relevance of university education in occupational life (e.g. "My aim is to graduate as fast as possible", "I believe that employers value my education"). Several statements about study environment and ability to study were presented (e.g. "Students are treated fairly and equally", "I have received enough information and support to plan my studies"). The respondents were also asked how much university studies had improved various skills (e.g. communication skills, project skills).

Electronic services in the University of Tampere were studied by asking the respondents where they would like to receive information about their studies, and how the electronic services could be improved. Things that had negatively affected the progress of studies were investigated. Furthermore, the respondent were asked if they had had an internship during their studies, and whether they had received enough support from the university for the internship.

The background variables included, among others, the respondent's age, gender, prior education, field of study, faculty, number of credits, and length of internship/studies abroad.

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