FSD3152 Finnish Energy Attitudes 2015

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  • Finnish Energy (ET)


energy, energy consumption, energy generation, energy policy, energy prices, energy supply, environment, environmental degradation, fossil fuels, hydropower, information sources, non-renewable energy, nuclear energy, radioactive wastes, renewable energy

Sisällön kuvaus

The survey investigated Finnish attitudes and opinions on energy policy. The questions charted the respondents' conceptions, opinions, beliefs, assessments, attitudes, and knowledge regarding energy issues.

The respondents were first asked whether Finland should increase or decrease the use of certain energy sources (e.g. coal, peat, natural gas, nuclear power, hydroelectric power, wind power, solar power) in electricity generation. Their attitudes toward climate change were also examined. Next, the respondents were asked to what extent they agreed or not with a set of attitudinal statements on, for instance, the environmental impact of different energy sources, the safety and responsibility of nuclear power, and the effectiveness of utilising solar energy with current technology. More detailed questions regarding hydroelectric power were included in the survey for the first time.

The respondents were also asked if the use of nuclear power was justifiable to reduce fossil fuel consumption, and if they would be willing to pay a higher price for electricity if it decreased the environmental harm or dependence on nuclear energy. Finally, the respondents were asked to evaluate the trustworthiness of a variety of information sources regarding energy production and energy policy, including the Ministry of the Environment, the Government, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, different energy companies, and the press.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, age group, type of municipality of residence, region of residence (NUTS3), level of education, economic activity and occupational status, household gross income, and political party preference.

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