FSD3216 Pension Barometer 2017

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  • Kautto, Mikko (Finnish Centre for Pensions)
  • Kuivalainen, Susan (Finnish Centre for Pensions. Research)


occupational pensions, pension benefits, pensions, private personal pensions, retirement, retirement age, social security, state retirement pensions, trust

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The study surveyed Finnish knowledge and opinions on retirement provision and trust in the pension system in Finland. Kantar TNS Finland conducted the survey, and it was commissioned by the Finnish Centre for Pensions. This is the first study in the study series.

The first questions surveyed the respondents' knowledge about and interest in the pension system as well as whether they received sufficient information regarding retirement and pensions. Their preferred media channels for information related to pensions were examined (e.g. newspapers and magazines, radio and television, social media, internet sites, brochures). The respondents were also asked to evaluate how well they would get by economically after retiring.

Next, the respondents were presented with a set of attitudinal statements regarding, for instance, the guaranteed minimum pension, earnings-related pensions, the effect of rising life expectancy on retirement age, disability pension, and the respondents' trust in the pension system in Finland.

Background variables included gender, age (categorised), education level, economic activity and occupational status, income group, NUTS3 region of residence, household composition, and the political party the respondent would vote for if the parliamentary elections were held at the time of the survey.

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