FSD3244 Young People in the Limelight: Theatre Workshop 2016

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  • Olkkonen, Satu (University of Tampere. School of Communication, Media and Theatre)
  • Kotilainen, Sirkku (University of Tampere. School of Communication, Media and Theatre)
  • Pienimäki, Mari (University of Tampere. School of Communication, Media and Theatre)


arts, cultural activities, media literacy, performing arts, theatre, youth

Sisällön kuvaus

The data consist of a workshop post-recflection and an interview of a youth theater workshop director/instructor. The data were collected as part of a research project entitled "Young People in the Limelight. Towards Agency through Multi-literacies" funded by the Kone foundation.

The researcher organised a documentary theatre project with seven people aged 17-28. These young people took part in writing the script as experts of their own life histories. The stories focused, in particular, on the intersection of comprehensive school and studies on the upper secondary level. The workshop was mobile, and the participants lived in different areas.

In the workshop post-reflection, the director/instructor described the project and the nature of documentary theatre. She also discussed youth vocabulary, her own position as a researcher and the role of the audience. In the interview, project contact person Sirkku Kotilainen interviewed Satu Olkkonen about the choices she had made during the project and how the project had progressed.

This dataset is only available in Finnish.

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