FSD3247 Finnish Views on Lutheranism 2016

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  • Salomäki, Hanna (Church Research Institute)
  • Ketola, Kimmo (Church Research Institute)


christianity, church, religion, religious affiliation, religious behaviour, religious communities, religious doctrines

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This study charted Finnish views on Lutheranism. First, the respondents were presented with a variety of statements concerning religion and they were asked to evaluate to what extent these statements depicted characteristic features of Lutheranism. The study surveyed whether the respondents were members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland or some other religious community, how often they prayed or participated in church services, and whether they believed in the existence of God. It was also examined which political party the respondents would vote for if the parliamentary elections were held at the time of the survey.

Background variables included gender, age group, region of residence (NUTS2), type of municipality of residence, annual gross income of the household, education level, use of social media services, economic activity and occupational status, and whether the respondent worked as someone's superior.

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