FSD3265 Church Statistics Development Survey 2013

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  • Salminen, Veli-Matti (Church Research Institute)
  • Salomäki, Hanna (Church Research Institute)
  • Ketola, Kimmo (Church Research Institute)


church, church administration, development, religious personnel, statistics

Sisällön kuvaus

The study charted the use of statistics in church development as well as the availability and usability of statistics on church activities and membership. The respondents were asked how they participated in compiling statistics in their parish and where they searched for information on parish operations and finances. A number of statements about church statistics were presented.

The respondents were also asked for what the church statistics were used and requested to name the three most important statistics in their work. Statistical analyses and reports needed by the respondents were surveyed as well as the effect of parish mergers on the compiling of statistics.

Background variables included the respondent's occupational group, place and line of work, age group, gender, years worked for the Church, and supervisory position as well as the diocese, size of the parish, and whether the parish belonged to a parish union.

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