FSD3676 Finnish Opinions on Security Policy and National Defence 2022: Spring

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  • Advisory Board for Defence Information (ABDI)


armed forces, defence, defence and state security policy, foreign policy, foreign relations, international alliances, military operations, national security

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A condensed version of the annual Finnish Opinions on Security Policy National Defence survey charted Finnish public opinion on foreign policy, defence policy, security, military alliances, and international armed conflicts at the time of the survey.

Views on whether Finland should resort to armed defence in case of any sort of attack and whether the respondents would be prepared to participate in national defence according to their abilities were investigated. Opinions on Finland's military non-alignment were examined by asking the respondents whether Finland should join a military alliance or remain militarily non-aligned. The respondents were also asked whether Finland should apply for NATO membership and whether they trusted the ability of the Finnish Defence Forces to defend Finland against military threats.

Next, the respondents' opinions on Finnish military cooperation in the EU, with NATO, other Nordic countries, and the United States were charted. The respondents were asked to evaluate the impact of several countries and organisations, such as Russia, China, US, UN, NATO and EU, on Finland's security. Views on how the military situation in nearby regions would develop during the next decade were also examined.

Background variables included, among others, the respondent's gender, age, economic activity and occupational status, household composition, ages of children living at home (categorised), gross annual income of the household, level of education, type of accommodation, region of residence, number of inhabitants in the municipality of residence, political party choice in the previous parliamentary elections, and political party choice if the parliamentary elections were held at the time of the survey.

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