FSD3686 Public Employment and Business Services in Finland: Survey for Job Seekers 2021

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employment, employment programmes, employment services, job hunting, labour market, part-time employment, return-to-work incentives, temporary employment, unemployed, unemployment, unemployment benefits

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The survey charted Finnish job seekers' views on public employment and business services in three regions of Finland. The survey was conducted as part of a research project examining how public employment and business services made a difference in finding part-time or full-time employment. FSD holdings contain two related datasets: FSD3687 Public Employment and Business Services in Finland: Survey for Employers 2021 and FSD3688 Public Employment and Business Services in Finland: Survey for Experts in TE Offices and Local Government 2021.

First, the respondents were asked which employment and business services they had used during unemployment or when looking for a job, and whether they had received any job offers from the TE Office for part-time or temporary work. Part-time or temporary work not offered by the TE Office that the respondents had done between job seeking periods was also surveyed. Further questions examined whether the respondents had received adjusted unemployment benefit when working part-time or temporarily and whether they had continued searching for a job while in part-time or temporary work. The respondents were asked whether they had received help from the employment and business services with finding full-time employment while being employed part-time, or whether their employer had offered them more working hours or a full-time employment contract. Questions also surveyed whether the respondents knew about or had used the incomes register.

Background variables included the respondent's age group, TE Office region, level of education, gender, mother tongue, and occupation before unemployment.

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