FSD3839 Citizen's Pulse 9/2023

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  • Statistics Finland
  • Prime Minister's Office


communications, dissemination of information, emotional states, foreign policy, health, income, international conflict, international relations, regulations, trust, war, well-being (health)

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The Citizens' Pulse surveys examine Finnish attitudes and opinions on current issues. Main themes in the surveys include the activity and communication of authorities, compliance with regulations, future expectations, trust, and the respondents' own state of mind. This collection round also included questions on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Finland's foreign policy and international relations, and issues that the Finnish government should address.

The ninth collection round of 2023 surveyed the respondents' trust in other people and various institutions (e.g. the Finnish Government, the health care system, the media, and the Finnish Defence Forces). The respondents were asked to evaluate how fair or unfair they thought Finnish society was at present, and their state of mind was examined with questions on various matters relating to health, well-being, and their situation in life. The questions covered, for example, the respondents' own mental well-being, whether they were worried about the adequacy of their income, their confidence in their future, and experiences of stress. Additionally, the respondents were asked to evaluate whether an atmosphere of crisis prevailed amongst Finns and whether Finland's NATO membership had impacted their sense of safety.

The next set of questions focused on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The respondents were asked how concerned they were about the crisis in Ukraine and its effects, and whether they were concerned that the war might expand beyond Ukraine. Opinions on the economic sanctions imposed on Russia by the EU and whether Finland should be ready to receive significant numbers of refugees from Ukraine if necessary were charted. Additionally, the respondents were asked whether the uncertainty caused by the crisis in Ukraine had impacted the respondents' consumer behaviour and whether the recent rise in interest rates had created financial difficulties for the respondents' households. The respondents were also asked whether they had noticed any cyber security issues or instances where purposefully misleading claims based on misinformation were spread on social media or online over the previous month.

Interest in Finnish foreign policy and international relations were also surveyed with questions on whether the respondents' interest in Finnish foreign policy and international relations had changed over the past 12 months. Views on the current state of Finland's foreign policy and international relations were charted, and the respondents were asked about the ways in which they felt they could have an impact on Finland's foreign policy and international relations (e.g. voting in parliamentary elections, protesting, participating in party politics).

Background variables included the language responded in, the respondent's gender, age group, NUTS3 region of residence, highest level of education, household composition, and perceived financial situation of household.

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