FSD1016 Finnish Voter Barometer 1990

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  • Gallup Finland


elections, municipal elections, parliamentary elections, political attitudes, political behaviour, voting

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The variables describe, among other things, the respondents' current concerns, interest in politics, position on the left-right scale, voting intentions in the next parliamentary elections and voting in the 1988 municipal elections. The respondents were asked about the influence of the party leader on party support, attitude towards political parties and satisfaction in the government. The characteristics of politicians, parties and opinion leaders were examined. The survey also studied the respondents' political activity, participation in nature conservation, their opinions on shoreline protection programme and electricity protection increase. Views on tax reform and Finland's potential EU membership were also probed. One topic focused on media use: how interested the respondents were in television, how often they watched television, read a newspaper or listened to the radio, how many newspapers they read, and how willingly they used the media.

Background variables included the respondents' trade union membership, socio-economic status, education, household income, age, gender, electoral district, and type of neighbourhood.

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