FSD1021 Parties and Municipal Democracy 1996: Candidates

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democracy, local government, municipal elections, municipal government, party politics, political attitudes, political behaviour, political influence, public administration, representative democracy

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In this survey, candidates in the 1996 municipal elections were compared with electors, party members and councilmen. Major part of the questions were addressed to the candidates of both constituency associations and parties. One set of questions, about the independent's role and relationship to political parties, was asked only of the candidates of constituency associations. The municipal election candidates were asked if they had been candidates before and whether they had been elected. The material contains also candidates' opinions on the role of the media during the election campaign and information on how the candidates had acquired information on the opinions of the electors in municipalities.

The candidates were also asked about party membership and eventual elected offices. In addition, they were presented with statements concerning municipal politicy and politics in general. The candidates' opinions on the simultaneous arranging of municipal and the European Parliamentary elections, the appreciation of the work of councillors and municipal democracy.

Background variables included the respondent's sex, age, occupational group, vocational education, and type of employer.

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