FSD1091 Corporate Executives and Society 1997

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  • Finnish Business and Policy Forum (EVA)
  • Yhdyskuntatutkimus


European integration, attitudes, businesses, cultural values, defence, economic and social development, economic power, economic recession, financial expectations, international competetition, market economy, national identity, political parties, social welfare, standard of living, technology and innovation, unemployment

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In the survey, attitudes and values of Finnish corporate executives were studied. First, the respondents were asked to what extent they agreed with a number of statements. The statements were partly similar to those in the EVA survey on Finnish values and attitudes (FSD1085). Themes in the survey were internationalisation and the solutions by which Finland links itself to the international community, keys to Finland's success in the newly opened competition, the functioning of the Finnish model of market economy, the purpose and values of enterprises, the pressure of change in work life and the labour market, main themes of social discussion (functioning of politics, environmental questions, economic growth), and differences of opinion between corporate executives and the population on various topics.

The survey contained three parts: In the first one, there were 51 questions in the form of propositions. In the second part, there were four sets of questions, and the third part contained background information on the respondents and their companies.

Background information included the respondent's sex, age, position in company, education, location of the enterprise/an independent production or service unit, it's main field of activity, turnover, number of personnel, share of export of the turnover, a characterisation of the enterprise's/unit's general success during the last two years, an estimate of the enterprise's/unit's development, and prospects for the next two years.

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