FSD1118 Finnish Local Government Barometer 1997: Inhabitants

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employment programmes, identity, local finance, local government, local government services, municipalities, regional government, regional planning

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The survey studied public opinion on the present, the future of local administration in Finland, and the financial situation of municipalities. The respondents were asked which provinces were attractive in terms of livelihood and employment, which provinces they would like to visit as tourists, which provinces will manage future transitions in society, which favour entrepreneurship, and which are committed to improving their future prospects. Attitudes towards consolidation of municipalities were mapped in several questions. The respondents took stand on statements regarding the consolidations, and estimated how many municipalities there should be in Finland.

The respondents were asked to name factors on which the identity of their home municipality is based at the time of the interview, and factors it should be based on in the future. They were asked what kind of role municipalities should play in executing and financing employment schemes. The respondents evaluated which services should be provided by the municipality, which services could be provided and financed by the various civic organisations or other bodies, and which services should be left to citizens' own initiative.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, age, basic education, vocational education, income of the household, household composition, occupational group and economic activity, whether R has the highest income level in the household (head of household), the occupational group and economic activity of the head of the household, political views, and the type of neighbourhood.

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