FSD1120 Finnish Local Government Barometer 1996: Inhabitants

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  • Foundation for Municipal Development


employment programmes, local finance, local government, local government officers, local government services, local taxation, municipalities, political power

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The respondents were asked several questions about the correlation between the level of the municipal tax and the supply of services. Views on the municipal administration and the adequacy or inadequacy of local government services were also canvassed. The respondents were asked what kind of role municipalities should play in executing and financing employment schemes. They were also asked which would be suitable means for improving municipalities' financial situation.

The respondents were asked to name the characteristics they value in their own local councillors, and to describe the general image of the Finnish municipalities and local government. They also assessed the significance and effectiveness of municipal management. Compared to the previous barometers, the 1996 survey included several revised questions.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, age, basic education, vocational education, income of the household, household composition, occupational group and economic activity of the respondent and the household head, type of neighbourhood, province of residence, and whether or not R is a municipal employee.

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