FSD1124 Opinion Leaders and Development Cooperation 1994

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  • Church Research Institute


church, community leaders, developing countries, development aid (international), development policy, interest groups, journalists, political leaders, poverty, religious affiliation

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The survey studied Finns working in the more influential sectors of society, and their perceptions of development cooperation. The target group included political decision-makers, opinion leaders in local and national government, journalists, representatives of various interest groups and voluntary organisations, as well as researchers. The respondents were asked to state their opinions about the adequacy of the Finnish development aid, and the significance of the different foci of development cooperation. In addition, the respondents commented on some statements regarding the Finnish development cooperation, and estimated how well the aid reaches its intended recipients. Membership in a church or other religious community, and religious attendance were also charted.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, age, education, and field of study.

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