FSD1129 Sociobarometer 1994

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  • Finnish Federation for Social Welfare (STKL)


savings, social reform, social security, social security benefits, social services, social welfare finance, social work, welfare policy

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In the present study, the respondents were asked to assess the changes in municipal budget in 1993-1994, the social services gross expenditures in 1993, and the budget of 1994. They also stated their opinions about the staff reductions within the social services sector, and whether they thought it is possible to ensure the necessary services with the present resources. The respondents were asked to evaluate how well the needs of the different customer groups were met. In addition, they estimated if the necessary social services and benefits have been compromised, and whether the welfare and social security of the different customer groups have diminished due to the cutbacks.

The respondents were asked to name the most significant changes that had taken place in the municipal social services in 1993, and which aspects they considered essential in developing the services for the year 1994. They also estimated if the municipalities had tried to improve the cost-effectiveness of their social services sector by resorting to rationalisation measures or rearrangements, such as fusing branches of administration, or reorganising the production of services. The respondents were asked if there had been any discussion in their home municipality about which basic social services should be kept, or whether there had been - or would be - changes in outsourcing agreements or service charging. Furthermore, their opinions about the subsistence subsidy and the basic means of livelihood were assessed. The respondents were asked to describe their relation to the municipal management, as well as their personal feelings towards the changes that are taking place in social services, and expectations towards the coming year.

Background variables included the respondent's province of residence.

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