FSD1145 Life Values 1997

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  • Church Research Institute


attitudes, christianity, church, euthanasia, immigrants, political attitudes, religion, religious ceremonies, religious doctrines, religious experience, religious practice, tax evasion, values, voluntary work

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The survey studied the respondents' values. Views were probed on tax avoidance, death penalty, suicide, homosexuality, abortion, social security benefits, nepotism, euthanasia, control over own life, immigrants, voluntary work, and political parties. The respondents were also asked on what basis they decide what is right and what is wrong. A number of questions dealt with the respondents' attitudes towards religion and religious ceremonies, their religious attendance and affiliation, and beliefs. The respondents speculated on the possible reasons for suffering, and how the different biblical statements correspond with their own opinions. Experiences towards God and divinity were also canvassed. In addition, the respondents assessed how the financial resources of the Lutheran Church should be allocated, and how significant those resources are to society.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, employment, education, economic activity, marital status, number of children, and the spouse's education, religious denomination and religious attendance, size of the household, and number of inhabitants in the municipality of residence.

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