FSD1204 City Service Survey 1997

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  • Miettinen, Heikki (Efektia)
  • Varhe, Seppo (Efektia)
  • Paasikallio, Martti (Efektia)


crime and security, health services, local government services, neighbourhoods, personal safety, public services, social services

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City service survey 1997 charted citizen's views on the current state and development needs of city services and administration. The respondents answered questions about their local area, housing, cultural activities, leisure and recreation opportunities and means of communication used to inform citizens about the services offered. Views on child care, care of the elderly, primary and secondary schools, number of refugees and health services (health centres and physician services) were queried. The respondents were asked whether they were satisfied with various aspects of their city, how certain services should be financed and whether they had any social or financial problems interfering with their everyday life. The study also surveyed the respondents' interaction with neighbours and whether they had intentions to move. Some questions pertained to crime and safety.

Background variables included date of birth, sex, number of children, level of education, dwelling type, occupational status, means of transportation to work and distance between home and work.

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