FSD1218 Gender, Education and Career Choice: Follow-up Study 1994

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  • Nummenmaa, Anna Raija (University of Joensuu. Faculty of Education)


career development, education, employment, family environment, gender, interpersonal relations, labour market, life cycle, occupations, satisfaction, social change, values, women's education

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This study is part of a research project "Education, gender and life course" funded by the Ministry of Labour of Finland. The project was launched with a survey in 1983 and follow-up surveys were conducted in 1987, 1991 and 1994.

The follow-up survey of 1994 charted young adults' life cycles in a period of social change. Respondents answered questions about their post-comprehensive school education, vocational education, work history, family history and specified their activities in six-month periods during 1990-1994 (e.g. studying, working, unemployed, in military service, on maternity leave, retired). Some questions asked whether respondents had succeeded in reaching their educational or career goals. Factors that had had a positive or negative impact on their education level, career and life in general were investigated. Future plans were queried.

Respondents' satisfaction with their education, occupational life, family life, spare time and hobbies, relations with other people and life on the whole were charted. Respondents also rated their life priorities. Background variables included basic and vocational education, marital status and number of children.

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