FSD1220 Students at the University of Turku 1999

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  • Mäkinen, Mirka (Student Union of the University of Turku)


education, expectation, fields of study, higher education institutions, satisfaction, students, tertiary education, university courses

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The survey studied first year students at the University of Turku, covering student recruitment, orientation events, their study experiences and plans for the future. This survey is part of an evaluation project assessing the external impact of the University of Turku. Respondents were asked about their sources of information regarding Turku University and courses offered by it, at what stage they had made their course choice, the number of times and universities they had applied to, successfulness of the applications and in which universities they were registered at the time of data collection. Factors influencing the university and course choice were examined. One topic pertained to what kind of an image students had had of the research at the university at application stage.

The respondents who were registered at the University of Turku in the autumn of 1998 evaluated the university study environment and the quality of teaching. Expectations and the level of satisfaction with different aspects of learning experience and with the university as a whole were charted. Questions covered orientation events and student services. Respondents' study strategies and experiences of the student union and of other student associations were surveyed.

Respondents' plans for the future were studied by asking whether they aimed to continue with their course or were planning to change the course/university or drop out altogether. Background variables included sex, year of birth, region of residence before embarking on studies, grades in the matriculation examination, faculty, main study subject /course and previous degrees.

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