FSD1285 Sport Survey 2001-2002: Young People and Children

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  • City of Helsinki
  • Young Finland Association
  • Finnish Sport for All Association
  • Finnish Sports Federation (FSF)
  • Finnish Olympic Committee
  • Ministry of Education
  • Pehkonen, Juhani (TNS Gallup Finland)


adolescents, athletics, attitudes, ball games, children, exercise (physical activity), hobbies, physical activities, racket games, sport, sport spectatorship, sporting events, sports clubs, sports facilities, sports organisations, sports training, voluntary work, youth

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This survey investigated the sporting activities of Finnish children and young people aged between 3 and 18: how much they exercise and in what sports they participate. Respondents' attitudes towards sports organisations in Finland were also charted. Parents answered on behalf of children under 12 years old, and young people aged 12-18 were interviewed in person.

Firstly, participation in sport both within and outside of sports organisations was surveyed. One question focused on how often children and young people exercised. The sports facilities mostly used were charted. A set of questions covered various aspects of sporting activities undertaken in a sports organisation or club (which organisation, type of sport, duration and frequency of the activity, number of years they had participated, etc.) Respondents were also asked how often they would prefer to exercise that sport. Same type of questions were asked about sporting and physical activities taken outside of sports organisations.

Respondents not involved in sports organisations were asked whether they would like to take part in organised sports in a sports organisation, and if so, what forms of sport they would undertake and how often. The attitudes of young people aged between 12 and 18 towards sports organisations in general were studied. One topic covered participation in sports competition. Parents or other caretakers of children aged between 3 and 11 were asked whether they had found sports organisations lacking in certain aspects, for example, should children have more free time, is the organisation too competition-oriented, should there be more variety in types of activity, and are children's and parents' wishes taken into account.

Background variables included respondents' age, gender, county and municipality of residence, and the number of children aged under 18 in the household. Parents/guardians of children aged between 3 and 11 were asked about the occupation of the household member with the highest income.

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