FSD2185 Finnish EU Attitudes 2005

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  • Finnish Business and Policy Forum (EVA)
  • Yhdyskuntatutkimus


European Union, European integration, NATO, constitutions, environmental conservation, globalization, single European currency

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The survey investigated Finnish opinions on the European Union and other international issues. The respondents were asked how interested they were of matters connected to the EU and Finland's EU membership, and how well informed they were of these issues.

The survey carried a number of statements relating to Russia, the United States, Turkey, Estonia, Finland's EU membership, the European Parliament, Finland's potential membership in the NATO, international terrorism, globalisation of economy, environment, Islam, etc. The respondents were asked to what extent they agreed with these statements. Opinions on the effects of globalisation on Finland and on the world in general were charted. The respondents were asked how big a problem certain issues (e.g. lack of leadership, bureaucracy, prioritization of national interests, lack of democracy) were to the development and activities of the EU. One theme pertained to what issues Finland should concentrate on during the country's EU presidency.

Perceptions of Russia were also studied. Further questions covered opinions on Finland's EU membership, the replacement of the national currency with the Euro in 2002, and the EU enlargement to new member countries in 2004.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, age group, size of the municipality, region of residence (NUTS3), basic and vocational education, economic activity, trade union membership, and which party R would vote for if the parliamentary elections were held at that time.

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