FSD2209 Student Exchange Experiences of University of Tampere Social Work and Psychology Students 2006

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  • Parkkonen, Hanna (University of Tampere. Department of Sociology and Social Psychology)


cultural pluralism, occupational life, social networks, student exchange, students, transition from school to work, undergraduates

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In this survey, Finnish students' experiences of and thoughts on international student exchange were charted. The respondents were psychology and social work students in the University of Tampere. The questionnaire had four sections: leaving for exchange, effects of student exchange in general, effects of student exchange on working life and thoughts and advice for those about to leave for exchange.

In the first section, the respondents were asked which things they associated with international student exchange, what had made them decide to go on exchange, how their nearest and dearest (e.g. parents, friends, partner) had reacted to the idea of their leaving for exchange and whether many of the people close to the respondents had lived or otherwise spent much time abroad. The second section had questions focusing on the significance of the exchange in their life, positive and negative impacts of the exchange, whether the exchange period had changed the respondents' views on certain things, and to what extent and how the period had affected the respondents' personal relationships.

In the third section, the respondents were asked about the field they were/had recently been working in, how long they had been in a job related to their education and qualifications, impacts of student exchange on their occupational life, and skills developed during the exchange (e.g. language skills, independence). In the final section, questions covered what the respondents would like to say to someone planning to go on exchange, things/experiences gotten out of the exchange period they otherwise wouldn't have, things in student exchange that bring out changes in individuals and what they would have done differently about their exchange. Finally, the respondents were asked whether they had any further thoughts on student exchange or the survey.

The background variables included the respondent's gender, year of birth and major subject as well as the country in which they were on exchange, the year the exchange started and the length of the exchange period.

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