FSD2474 Degree Programmes in English in Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences 2009

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  • Niemelä, Anna (Student Research Foundation (Otus))


educational certificates, internationalism, quality of education, student organizations, students (college), teaching methods, transition from school to work, vocational education institutions

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The survey focused on the experiences of Finnish and foreign students studying on degree programmes in English in universities of applied sciences in Finland. The data contain the responses of both participant groups. Some questions were only asked from the foreign students.

Topics covered included the reasons for applying for a degree programme in English, the quality of teaching in the programme, possible study difficulties, student exchange periods abroad, practical placement periods in Finland and abroad, contacts between the university and employers, availability and use of career and recruiting services, study counselling and guidance, student community, provision of skills needed in working life in general and for working internationally, whether the respondent aimed to work in Finland or abroad after graduation, and what aspects of work were important for them.

The questions asked only from the foreign students included the primary reasons for moving to Finland, to what extent certain factors influenced their decision to take a degree abroad, best ways of preventing study difficulties, and satisfaction with the language and cultural studies in the programme.

Background variables included the respondent's year of birth, gender, nationality, highest level of education before commencing on a degree programme in English, university of applied sciences attended, field of study, year when commenced study on a degree programme in English, whether had changed the field of study or the institution during the study, and how long had lived in Finland (foreign students only).

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