FSD2711 Elderly People and Technology 2011

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  • Stenberg, Lea (Union for Senior Services)
  • Virkkunen, Anne (Union for Senior Services)


activities of daily living, care of the elderly, elderly, electrical equipment, everyday life, technological literacy, technology and innovation

Sisällön kuvaus

In this survey, elderly Finnish people's experiences of and perceptions on technology were investigated. The survey was conducted as part of the KÄKÄTE-project that aims at creating and improving user-oriented technology.

The respondents' management of everyday life and need of assistance were first examined. They were asked whether they received any assistance and what chores and tasks (e.g. cooking, taking medicine) they needed help with.

Experience of and interest in technology was examined with questions covering whether the respondents used or had used technology and which devices seemed interesting (e.g. robotic vacuum cleaner, automatic pill dispenser). Views were further probed on whether technology would help in everyday life and whether the respondents would want to try using technological solutions at home, if given a chance.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, age group and whether they lived alone.

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