FSD2732 Continuity of Substance Abuse Treatment and Readiness to Change 2000

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  • Saarnio, Pekka (University of Tampere. Department of Social Policy and Social Work)


addiction, alcoholism, attitude change, drug abuse, social work

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The survey investigated the continuity of treatment of people with substance abuse problems as well as their readiness to change. The respondents were people with histories of alcohol and poly drug use who were being treated in an inpatient treatment facility for people with substance abuse problems. The data were collected during the routine reception procedure.

The respondents' readiness to change was charted with URICA (University of Rhode Island Change Assessment Scale) that had 32 statements and the respondents rated to what extent they agreed with each. The scale measured the respondents' State of Change with the help of four subscales: Precontemplation, Contemplation, Action and Maintenance. Statements presented in the scale included, among others: "As far as I'm concerned, I don't have any problems that need changing", "I've been thinking that I might want to change something about myself", "Even though I'm not always successful in changing, I am at least working on my problem" and "I may need a boost right now to help me maintain the changes I've already made".

Background variables included, among others, the respondent's age, gender, economic activity and occupational status, total number of study years, marital status, number of children under R's guardianship living with R, housing tenure, employment status, substances used in the previous 12 months, substance most used in the previous 12 months and contacts with substance abusers.

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